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RE: Multiple Problems over 3g and wifi

first of all thank you it seems to be working great now... but the auto resolution still seems to be off i installed the companion on my laptop and the auto resolution on there (using VNC) works great its really a good size but when i connect to my desktop the width of the screen on my phone is so ridiciously small i should be have to scroll over a little bit so see the full picture of my desktop it should be proportional but instead the height is fine but it just smooshes things so 1/2 of the screens width is gone and the closest fixed size that i like is alright but still not that great... also when i play a song on my computer and hear it on my phone there should be a way to adjust the volume level on my phone (such as the ringer side buttons but they dont work) it stays at full volume... these are two minor issues but hopefully thats it thanks

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