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IME & Keyboard layout Issue...

IME & Keyboard layout Issue...


Phone : SHW-M130L
Google Hangul Keyboard
Remote PC : Window 7 Korean

The Korean / English is a problem to switch.
It seems that to collision between a IME of Phone and a IME of Windows 7.

Korea's famous sites is also problematic. 
When i open that site, Forced to switch to the IME of Windows 7 is Korean.

If that sites don't to switch, it won't problem.

The PocketCloud and the 2x client were compared.

Maybe. inputting to using IME of Windows 7.
The korean or english keyboard layout that is setting on pocket cloud is not relevant.
For input english, I press shift + space (korean/english toggle key on windows 7) on pocket cloud.

Maybe. inputting to using IME of Google Korean Keyboard.
The 2X Client doesn't have korean keyboard layout setting. It has only english, japanese.

At First, I thought Korea's website has a problem.
But i think that it's bug in pocket cloud now.

Best Regards,
Sang-Hoon Lee.

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