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RE: Pocket cloud crashes server

Do you mean it is logging out on the physical computer when you connect remotely and before you were able to be connected and the remote computer would stay active and not log out?

If this is the case, what you will need to do is enable VNC on your remote computer because it sounds as though you are now connecting with RDP. RDP only allows 1 user to be logged in at a time on the computer where as VNC will allow multiple users to be logged in at the same time.

You can connect using VNC, this is also known as remote shadowing. This will not log the remote computer out when you are connected. You will need to install a VNC client on your remote computer (if you do not already have one).

We recommend TightVNC -

If you are using a manual connection, make sure your port settings match within PocketCloud and within the VNC client.

If you are using a auto-discovered connection, make sure to enable "Use 3rd Party VNC on port" option within the Companion software (to enable this, Right click on the kite icon in the system tray, Select Preferences, navigate to the Advanced tab, enable "Use 3rd Party VNC on port" option and make sure the port matches your VNC application and PocketCloud.

Josh Maurer
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