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RE: Pocket cloud crashes server

Unfortunately we do not offer phone support. We only offer email support to our Pro users. Unfortunately I can only help you on the forum here since you are a Free user.

So it sounds as though you are able to connect to your remote server, but when you connect, the remote computer is logged off while you are connected with PocketCloud?

If that is the case, it sounds as though you are connecting with RDP rather than VNC. RDP only allows 1 user to be logged on at a time. 

If you are using auto-discovery:
-Right click on the kite icon in the system tray
-Select Preferences
-Navigate to the Advanced tab
-Check the "Use 3rd party VNC on port" option
-Enter the VNC port you are using (use the same one that is listed in TightVNC)
-Select Apply and Ok

From here a VNC connection should show on your Discovered connections list within PocketCloud on your iPads

If you are using a manual connection:
-Create a new manual VNC connection within PocketCloud
-Make sure that the port number matches the port number within TightVNC

From here you should be able to connect.

Josh Maurer
Visit our Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at

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