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Can't connect to my PC with PocketCloud.

Lightbulb Can't connect to my PC with PocketCloud.

Hello there guys and girls,I recently bought the PocketCloud app for my iPhone 4.Followed all the guides,created a google account,downloaded pc companion,used 5900 port and it works fine.PocketCloud auto-discovers my PC correctly,but when i try to connect through RDP,then i get to the welcome screen of windows 7 but when i click at my account(Nagi) then it pops up an error in greek that i will try to translate.
"Unsuccessfull connection:restricted user account.Possible reasons might be non-accepted password characters,time restricted connections or using restricted-policy to your PC"(did my best  )
Matter is,it also doesnt work via 3G.I'd like to have my iPhone 4 connected to my PC all the time through 3G so i can view books or listen to music while I am miles away from it.
Any ideas guys?
That's the welcome home screen i was talking about.
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
Any help would be really appreciated.

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