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RE: 2 or more computers with same name & auto discovery

Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post

You cannot edit the computers nickname from the PocketCloud Companion application. You can ONLY edit the nickname (on the device) with PocketCloud installed. Changing the nickname on the mobile device will not change the name of the computer it is actually connecting to, only its nickname that is displayed on your mobile device. 

If you would like to edit the nickname on your mobile device, select Edit on the auto-discovered connection. After selecting Edit, you will be on the Connection Settings screen. On this screen, you can tap where it says Nickname, after doing that the Edit Nickname screen will show. From here you can edit the connections nickname (local only, this will not actually change the name of the computer you are connecting to).

If you wish to change the actual name of the computer you are connecting to, you must do it through that computers operating system.




This is not how the iPad version works.

The Edit button only allows you to Delete or Change the position of entries.
Connection Settings is the button which is at the right under the connect button.
When you go into Connection Settings for a Manual Connection, then you can change the Nickname.
When you go into Connection Settings for a Discovered Connection, then the Nickname is greyed out.

I am using version 2.2.223 of PocketCloud Pro which is the latest release.

I shouldn't have to explain how the software works to you, Josh. If I'm missing something, then I'm sorry, but I don't think so.

It seems that maybe this isn't possible at this time, if so, please make a request to the development team. Changing the Nickname within the PocketCloud Companion would be best.

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