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RE: Does Not Work At All

Yes, I have the companion installed. I actually tried running the Setup Wizard again to get this thing running; no dice. As of now, I deinstalled the companion, because I'd run out of patience with this and am now trying other stuff.
I ran this on my old PC, and I was running it on this computer - a Macbook Air - for a few months before I switched to the iphone. On the Android, regardless of whatever myths get propagated, it worked fine even if this computer was in a sleep state as long as I didn't use numbers in my password for the computer, so you can throw that one out the window. On the iphone, it just plain refused to run if the computer went into sleep mode, so I disabled it.
That worked OK for a few days until yesterday, when I couldn't get it to work at all even if I was sitting right in front of the computer with wi-fi turned on on my iphone. Everything else ran fine on both the computer and the phone - I could browse the internet on both, and make phone calls on my iphone. So nothing was wrong with either device.
So that's when I gave up.
If you have any good suggestions, let me know.

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