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WTOS C10LE and VoIP SIP Softphone interaction

WTOS C10LE and VoIP SIP Softphone interaction

Hi All
We are developing an application which using a VoIP SIP softphone active X control.
We have a Citrix XenApp 5 server with HDX installed.
We have a WT1200LE terminal and a new C10LE terminal in our development environment as well as an ICA client installed on a Windows PC.

The Windows PC ICA client works great and voice is clear and not too jittery.

If we use either of the terminals we get incredibly bad voice performance.

Wyse have confirmed that the WT1200LE terminal will not support this.
Our Wyse reseller said that we need WTOS version 7 to support voice on the C10LE.
I cannot see this anywhere on the Wyse site and have not heard back from Wyse technical support, whom said they have a few suggestions, several weeks ago.

I have also tried setting up a XenApp 4.5 server with the TCX suite installed but again that gives very poor performance.

Can anyone advise if they have tried this beofr eor have any experience of dealing with VoIP on Wyse terminals?


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