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WMS: Terminal naming possibilitys in groups


I got the following task at hand: I´d like to have our Terminals named after a certain sceme, since we do so with all our devices.

I got a group of Wyse5070s with thinos to manage.

Normally we use Netbios names, containing of 8 charakters, the first four being a device description, the last four being an Index.


Is it possible to create an Index with WMS, or do i have to do something like WXYZ&right($MAC,6) to guarantee unique names?

This would of course elongate the name by two charakters and also contain hex values and not decimals. I considered using just four digits of the mac adress, but i don´t know if all 5070s share the same "d9" in the fifth and sixth digit of the mac (from the right)

I know the alternative is to set the name for each device manually, but I´d like to make things as easy as possible for our client team, so I´d love some input on this one.

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