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ThinOS Terminals not retaining Terminal Name after restart

I have experienced a problem with WYSE ThinOS terminals retaining the Terminal Name after restart. I have found a resolution, but I'm posting this here, just in case anyone else experiences this same issue.

My current environment consists of an on premises installation of WMS 1.2 and a few hundred devices that are a mix of 3040's and 5070's. I first experienced the issue after migrating from WMS 1.0 to 1.2 (this was accomplished by installing WMS 1.2 on a different server). With WMS 1.0 when a terminal was renamed the name would persist across reboots without any configuration needed in WMS. After upgrading to WMS 1.2 I had to set the value of Terminal Name to $tn in order to persist the name past reboots.