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Failure opening write-cache File

Failure opening write-cache File

Hello, I have an issue with booting all devices in one of our classrooms that are connected to one stand-alone server.

There is a total of 54 clients. The booting process (and everything else) works perfectly normal for 49 of those clients. However, when a 50th device tries to boot I get the following error message:

Connecting to the WSM services. Please wait...
Authentication server:; virtual disk
!!Error - Failed to open write-cache file or create write cache index.
Possible reason: Insufficient resource, vdisk size invalid, cache file locked etc.
Device will reboot in few seconds....

The rebooting doesn't help - so the client is caught in a loop.

When I shut down one of the other clients, the booting of the caught client suddenly works.

Looking in the writecache directory I see 49 of around 550.000 KB and the others (depending on the number of clients unsuccessfully trying to boot) with 0 KB. The device the writecache is located on offers 430 GB of free memory.

Is there some kind of metric that defines how many devices can be booted at the same time? How can I influence this?

The setting for "Number of devices provisioned by WSM server" is set to 54 - i tried increasing it to 70, but that didn't help.

The WSM Server is a 6.0.0 Version.

Please help me, solving this issue.

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