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RE: WYSE P20 Certificate Installation Error

Quote Originally Posted by robertellis3 View Post

If you encounter the error detailed in my OP, here is the resolution

1) Install 4.0.2 Teradici firmware on all your P20's.
2) Install a new PcOIP Management Console. I believe this error is due to some kind of corruption in the Management Console. Scrapping the existing MC and starting over resolved the Issue.

Good luck.

Hi. I've installed the latest Teradici firmware 4.1.X and uploaded the trusted certificate via the Administrative Web Interface (AWI). I still get the following error:

Failed to connect. The server provided a certificate that is invalid. See below for details: The supplied certificate is not rooted in the device's local certificate store.

It doesn't seem that using the AWI correctly uploads the trusted cert to the device certificate store. I've downloaded and installed the PCoIP Management Console, but don't understand how to use it to properly discover my devices and subsequently upload the cert to the certificate store. Would you be able to supply instructions?


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