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Re: XPS 8930, possible to install a front case fan?

Not everyone has a long gpu like that and that is only the side view. I think the air does go around everything since it's pushed by the front fan and pulled by the top fan but without a test done with thick smoke it's hard to say exactly how it flows. I do know my lower front fan addition dropped the top exit temps quite a bit and completely cured my loud fan problem. After taking a look inside I see that the psu partially blocks both top and bottom front fan positions so I would say either both upper or lower front fan mounting would work about the same but no need to remove the hdd bay with the bottom mounted option. The main thing is to get 100% outside air coming in which I haven't seen anyone in here achieving yet. You have to completely block off all venting leading back to inside the case with tape (around your newly installed front fan).



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