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XPS 8700 built-in network adapter failure

Dell XPS 8700-PC Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.6GHz Desktop

Came with Windows 10 but backed down to Windows 7 Professional SP1 (to be the same as work).

Worked fine on built-in NIC for 3 years, then one day no network!

No change to computer or hub. Light on RJ-45 shows connectivity. Tried different ports on hub to no avail. 

Device manager shows no NIC, it just isn't there anymore!

Device manager shows wireless adapter (Dell 1703) but it will not connect. Other devices working fine on the WiFi. 

Without the network, I can't run Dell Diagnostics.

Should I assume the NIC had hardware failure?

Why won't wireless connect?

Should I get a ad in NIC?



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