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7- Thorium

Re: XPS 8930 VR not up to task

And what about these, which were released ~2 weeks ago?

Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver  12-Dec 2018
Intel Serial IO Driver 12-Dec 2018

Did the USB firmware update make any difference? 

Did you check the Oculus site and their forum and/or the game makers' sites to see if there are any new updates for their hardware/software?  I see people started having fps issues after an update to Oculus software in Oct'18.

What "stuff" is running in the background on your PC that might be hogging resources on your PC? Open Task Manager and look at the CPU column on the Processes tab to see what processes related and unrelated to Oculus are using lots of CPU time when in 3D mode, aside from System Idle Process.

The XPS 8930 BIOS has some options for overclocking which might improve performance but that's beyond my pay grade. :Wink:


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