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Re: XPS8900 needs to reboot several times (PTE MISUSE bsod)

Thank you so much Ron!

BIOS version is Dell XPS 8900 System BIOS - 2.4.0 - 5 MB - Urgent - Installed

I have updated it last week actually..

I have unchecked the PTT setting as you recommended (there are no other settings as Key storage and attestation) and the computer started acting normal again. 

Then I re-attach my 2nd hard drive thinking the PTT was the troublemaker but then got another PTE MISUSE bsod after the 3rd reboot only (i was testing reliability). I also noticed something else, when trying to wake up the computer from sleep when this drive was attached it would take forever, longer than cold boot. While without this disk the computer usually wakes up almost instantly..

I removed the disk again and so far no more issues.. I'm not sure if I need to conclude:

  • I should buy a new HDD (it was working perfectly fine on my other machine)
  • is it only an incompatibility?
  • bad setting somewhere?

Thank you so much for your help Ron!


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