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Re: Studio XPS 435MT, upgrade options

@meddah4 wrote:

Windows 10 would probably tax the start up processes and with newer 64 bit programs with multiple features will slow down considerably. Even with an SSD.  [...]  The 920 is only running at 2.67 g and even if you upgrade the motherboard, you're not going to get more than 3.0 g. 

Above doesn't match my experience with the machine. 

I'm running Windows 10 on a SSD with the 3.33 GHz base clock quad-core CPU that you can get for about $35 I mentioned above.  I've overclocked it to 3.73 GHz.  On the original motherboard, cooler, PSU and un-modded Dell BIOS.  While running Prime95.  I don't run overclocked since I think it shortens the life of the motherboard, but it's doable if you want to.

Cold power up to Windows 10 Login screen is 35 seconds.  From there, instant to Desktop after Login if the machine had been shutdown without explicitly logging out, 3 seconds otherwise.  (This is without overclocking.)

Apps, most of which are 64-bit, come up almost instantly - there's no feeling you're waiting for anything.  Of course, the 24 GB RAM I have helps (there's reason to believe it would support 48 GB) - lots of memory for fast disk cache and it pretty much never has to slow down to swap an app out of memory to disk to make room for another app.

I'm not suggesting upgrading the machine at this point is the best decision, but maxed out it's performance is something I can live with, at least for non-demanding applications.

My posts on CPU upgrades and overclocking are here and here (including following posts).  SSD and Windows 10 upgrade experience here.