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Re: Studio XPS 435MT, upgrade options

Obviously you went through a lot of time to circumvent Dell's prohibiting practices. I commend you. Since I was referring to the Dell Studio XPS 435mt (i7 920), I never found a way to update the bios on the Dell motherboard (Foxconn OR849J). I tried to upgrade the cpu to 960 but no cigar. It just 'black screen'. I couldn't get Intel's XTU to work either. Nor could I run ram higher than 1333.

I was able to update the hardware and peripherals. The last upgrade was an SSD which was 4 years ago.

I stopped trying find a fix but rather build my computers and avoid Dell's frustrating policies and their OEM partners altogether. -Understanding this, Dell is not in the business of fixing computers. Dell is in the business of selling computers. 


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