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Re: If I had to replace an SSD, would I have to re-install all the programs on the HDD?

@Outlier007 wrote:

Thanks.  The only thing holding me back from using an SSD is that I've read that it has a limited lifetime based on the number of writes made to it.  That's why I'm thinking of the worst case scenarios.  There are all kinds of tips to consider to decrease the number of writes made to the SSD.  So right now I'm trying to decide if it's worth worrying about all that.  My HDD's have served me well for many years and I've never had a catastrophic data failure before with them (I have an HDD still working fine after 10 years).  Do you think an SSD will fail sooner or later than an HDD (assuming they're both the same age)? 

I wouldn't worry too much about the lifespan of an SSD. My oldest SSD is a Kingston HyperX 240 GB drive.

Checking the drive status, it has 16800+ GB host reads and writes, and 28500 power-on hours. That's over 3.25 years of use. 

It shows that that 98% of the life is left.

There are two types of drives--those that are going to fail and those that have failed. All of my home computers back up to a NAS daily. The NAS gets backed up monthly.

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