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Re: If I had to replace an SSD, would I have to re-install all the programs on the HDD?

I've never used uplay however I think you are worrying about read/write cycles too much... i.e. have been reading the type of "tech guides" usually about security etc. that try and instil so much fear in the reader that they never want to turn on their computer or connect to the internet.

Intensive read/write cycles like the continuous use of Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN which should never be used with a SSD) are problematic but for general use including gaming it's not. SSDs for instance Crucial SSDs have a warranty period of 3 years, so you can expect in the vast majority of cases most of the SSDs to last this time or longer: 

In my primary desktop my XPS 8300 I have a 500 GB Crucial MX200 installed in about 2015 and it's been on pretty much 24/7. I have used Parted Magic to wipe it securely maybe about 20 times and probably clean installed some version of Windows probably well over 100 times given I like to test new Windows builds and write guides on Windows Installation. I have Steam and Origin installed on it. Long story short this type of usage is far more intensive than the average user and it's still running strong.

Games etc. should be installed on SSDs so they run much faster as it's the main advantage of having the SSD. The only time not to install Games on a SSD is when you have a low storage capacity SSD and don't have enough room for Windows to work comfortably (50 GB for Windows and program files).

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