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XPS 8930, HDD temperature 50°C ?


I have a brand new Dell XPS 8930 and a brand new primary hard drive.  That primary hard drive's temperature is at 50°C under no apparent load.  I've seen it at 52°C.  Is this normal or is it too high?  It's a 6 TB Seagate Barracuda Pro.  There is a page at the Seagate website that says:  "With our newer model drives the maximum temperature is now at 60 degrees Celsius" which is fine but it still worries me that a brand new computer & hard drive's temperature are that high. Is the hard drive's temperature lowered by the fan of the PSU?  If it is, I was thinking of getting another PSU which might have a better fan.  Or does the PSU fan have nothing to do with the hard drive's temperature?

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