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Re: XPS 8930, HDD temperature 50°C ?

I changed my PSU from a smaller fan (Cooler Master V750) to a slightly larger fan (Corsair RM750i) -> with the hope that it takes out more hot air.  It reduced the temperature from 50 C to around 48 C (just internet browsing & checking emails).  Then I moved my primary hard drive from the primary hard drive bay to the 3rd hard drive bay (lower left in the photo). I thought that there would be more ventilation down there and it may be cooled by the airflow coming in from the back of the computer.  This changed the temperature (again just internet browsing & checking email) to around 45-46 C.  It will go up to about 48 C when installing programs or after a system restore.  But it will stay at around 45-46 C when watching YouTube videos.  If this is normal for a 6 TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro, then all is good.  They just seem a little high for a brand new hard drive so I was wondering if anyone else with a Seagate BarraCuda Pro also has similar temperatures so that I can stop worrying if I have a defective drive.

By the way, do you agree with where I put my primary hard drive?  I put it in the HDD3 bay.  In its regular location across from the PSU, space seems cramped and there'll likely be a lot of cables directly in front of it (possible hot cables).  That's why I moved it to the HDD3 bay.  More space and there's an opening to the outside at the back for more ventilation.  Is there a disadvantage to putting it there?

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