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Re: XPS 9370 Fan Noise

@Jerry_dzy wrote:

Hi Alan, I got a XPS 9560 and I have the similar problem. However there is no such update for 9560. Could you please also make one for this model?

Hi Jerry, 

The reason that no update has been provided for the 9560 is that there is not currently a fan noise/speed issue that needs to be addressed. Can you provide more information about exactly what is happening with the system please. 

Is it definitely the fan is causing the noise the noise?
Can you describe the noise that the system is making?
Does it ever change pitch or tone as the system is under load?
Is there any difference to the noise if you have the ac adaptor disconnected?
Are you running the latest BIOS on the system - version 1.9.4

I should be able to advise further once I have a greater understanding of the exact nature of the fault.


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