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Re: XPS 9575 static in headphones when waking from sleep

It is important for all of us to know if the system is Modern Standby capable.  There is no way for me to check the specifications and find out.

If it is capable of using the low power mode, if you check the Settings-System-Power & Sleep, about half way down the page is a setting for "Network Connection".  The option will show Never, Always or Let Windows handle.

If it is Modern Standby, the power settings which are important are the Turn off Display and Hibernation.

If it is in low power mode, the screen will pop back up when the system is opened or by hitting the space bar.  If it is in hibernation, you will get the spinning dots. The operation is different in a 2-in-1 configuration.

There have been some changes lately but on my system, the music may pause when the screen goes dark, but not with all utilities.  If the screen pops up, any playback would have been paused until the screen comes back.

If it shows another application has control, try opening the Task Manager and check if something is running and you just need to hit the play button. 



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