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Re: dell xps 13 (9370) plugged in, not charging

Same thing here. Bought my XPS 13 9370 less than 2 months ago. I had no issues at all until today when the orange light on the front of the laptop started blinking and the battery status says "0%, plugged in, not charging".

I ran the SupportAssist scans and it said the battery needs to be replaced. Called Dell support, and they said the same thing. It's covered under warranty which is good, but it also means the only option is sending it out for 10-12 business days to be replaced - a problem when my laptop is my personal AND work laptop, and sending it out means I can't do my job for 2 to 2.5 weeks.... Glossing over the fact that it's a $1400 laptop that's less than 2 months old and already has to be sent back to the manufacturer.

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