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Re: XPS 15 has only 461GB SSD instead of 512GB

Hi, for this issue, we should first know that computers operate in binary (or base-2), which is a numeric system that only use two digits: 0 and 1. As a result, in the operating systems, the capacity is calculated on a one-step basis every 1024, so every 1024MB is 1GB, and every 1024GB is 1TB. But the hard disk manufacturers calculate the capacity on a one-step per 1000, that is to say, every 1000MB equals 1GB and every 1000GB equals 1TB, which leads to the “reduction” of SSD capacity.

Besides, you can fix "SSD reporting wrong capacity" by resetting the Virtual Memory paging file, the size of the Virtual Memory in the computer is exactly how much space it takes up in the hard disk.

Or you should notice whether there are an unallocated space on the SSD drive in Disk Management, if there are, you need to create a new partition on it to make it show full size in File Explorer.

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