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Re: XPS 15 9570 - cant wake up from sleep

I'm having the same issue. XPS 15 won't wake up from sleep.

Purchased in November 2018.  I've updated the BiOs, Chipset, Video driver.  Quicktest shows no hardware errors. 

I've lost a bunch of work from the computer falling asleep before saving and needing to be hard reset when it won't wake up.  I need the machine for work and it has never woken up properly as long as I've owned it.  It's a brand new machine and I can't afford to lose time this job right now to take it in.

I've also closed the laptop and put it in it's case and come back a few hours later and the machine is burning hot and the fans running like crazy because it hasn't gone to sleep or woke itself up?  Why is this happening??

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