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Re: XPS-15-9570 (Bios 1.7) -

I guess all my work to document this issue was unnecessary?
After you told me to use HWiNFO, I found the fan control option. Then I did a little bit of research of how it can be used.

I found this:

And the interesting part is, the reason why all those people try to manipulate the fan curve.
They link to the following reddit post:

There the whole issue, I tried to show you, is already described.

And there is a link, again to another article.

In this article it says that they reached out to Dell:
"Furthermore, BIOS 1.7 appears to have introduced a couple of issues too that are worth keeping in mind before upgrading. The fans now turn on for up to 10 seconds any time that the NVIDIA GPU is activated, and even if the system is running coolly. "

And later in the update:
Perhaps predictably, Dell has denied that there is an issue with the fans in some XPS 15 9570 laptops turning on whenever the NVIDIA GPU is activated. A representative remarked that: is normal for the fan to run even before reaching the temperature threshold. This has been verified by our product engineering team. This should not affect the functionality of the computer. The system behavior is as per the BIOS instructions.

The same representative then clarified that:

I believe that there are no hardware issues related to the GPU or the fan. I have verified this with our product engineering team, and it is working as designed.

Dell has not stated at what temperature threshold the fans should switch on, but it is disappointing to note that Dell is happy with the fans "to run even before reaching the temperature threshold". However, multiple people on the XPS 15 9570 Owners Thread on NotebookReview have remarked that the fans now turn on whenever the NVIDIA GPU is activated and not when the system reaches a certain temperature."

What the **bleep** dell?
Just look at all the topics about fan issues. Almost all of them are most likely caused by an BIOS update.

Can you escalate this to the right person? Or should we all just try to deal with it on our own. Maybe with some workaround and manual fan settings? I would prefer the first option.