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Re: XPS-15-9570 (Bios 1.7) -

Here are some more users that complain about the fan issues.



And it seems that some dell representitives try to help with the same suggestions over and over again. Try reinstalling IDPTF and so on.

Is this normal that dell representatives are not aware of this issue?

Not one time I saw a post like:

"Yeah we are currently looking into this issue. It was mentioned by others before"


I would guess, this work of collecting information about a specific issue from as many different users as possible, should be done by dell representatives?


Is there one specific person from dell assigned to this issue?

Otherwise the mods waste the time of the users and their own.

@Dell-SreejithR @Dell-Alan D @dell-robert p  (I saw you commenting on fan issues before)




For example in the case of the DPC issue there are:



They collect information and report the progress.