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Re: XPS 13 - swollen battery pushed out touch pad and keyboard space bar

Welcome to the Dell Community  @samos1111  and @Mary G 

@samos1111 wrote:


There are many NEW ORIGINAL batteries available.


No exact matches found 😉

Most "original", "genuine" etc battery replacements at ebay, amazon etc are fakes (some may not be, check source). One'd better contact Dell service. Any reasonable laptop manufacturer should offer replacement batteries at a reasonable price after warranty expires. The expected lifetime of a laptop is debatable but is surely more than just a year. 

Who every told you that most "original/genuine" batteries on eBay, Amazon etc are fakes lied to you.

How many batteries have you purchased from eBay or Amazon???

Over the years I have purchased thousands!!!!! "Dell, IBM, Panasonic etc."

It is very easy to tell an "Original" battery from a "China Knockoff"

If you every need assistance purchasing an "Original" battery in the future I would be happy to assist !!!

Best regards,


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