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8 Krypton

Re: XPS 13 - swollen battery pushed out touch pad and keyboard space bar

Who every tolled you that most "original/genuine" batteries on eBay, Amazon etc are fakes lied to you.

How many batteries have you purchased from eBay or Amazon???

Over the years I have purchased thousands!!!!! "Dell, IBM, Panasonic etc."

It is very easy to tell an "Original" battery from a "China Knockoff"

Sorry, I recall a study a few years ago which did find that the majority of batteries at Amazon etc were fakes, in some cases even when sent by Amazon directly. Not sure what the status is now in general. Batteries are a very good target for counterfeiters because branded batteries tend to cost 5-10x the price of no-names. Of course a considerable part of this difference can be considered a scam on behalf of the brands! I didn't buy thousands, rather tens. Personally I am sure I got one knockoff battery for a Nikon camera, detected by a detailed Nikon advisory. It still works though 😉 It is not always easy to tell a good knock-off from the original (assuming that the price appears to be reasonable for an original in the first place - if the price is knock-off you can be sure you can't get anything but a cheap knock-off). The differences are often minor. Genuine branded batteries also come in variants due to gradual development and multi-sourcing. 

If originals are unavailable (as seems to be too often the case with Dell) or very unreasonably priced, I tend to prefer batteries sold as compatible from suppliers that appear to make an effort towards QC, rather than dubious "genuines" (where most of the effort appears to go into label replication fidelity). 

Dell doesn't sell batteries over ebay amazon etc directly, but I did see a couple of sellers over there which appeared to be Dell service partners so might actually offer originals. And some with shady background and poor reviews too....

With my former Thinkpad, I've easily ordered a replacement using a link provided near battery health info. Dell Command | Power Manager also has an "Order a replacement battery" link, but funnily it leads to a page containing general battery debugging advice where a replacement can't be ordered!? 

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