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Service Tag change? xps 9560


I replaced motherboard which been bought on ebay, Bios have now different service Tag number like on the bottom cover/and box there is any chance to change that for same number ?

XPS 9560

Thank You


I try fallow that tutorial asset tag I can change without any problem 
But when I’m going through service tag there is problem like below:

ASSET -- version 2.09 (C) Copyright 1993-2014 Dell Inc
About to change service tag. Are you sure? Y,nly
Error:Cannot change service tag
Please ensure the tag is correct format,
And the SETUP password is disabled

Hello everyone ! Today I will show you how to change your asset tag or service tag in case if you got corrupted service or asset tag , or another case if you change your mainboard on your pc or laptop with another bios service tag or asset tag and you want to replace with your Original . This is ...
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