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Re: Annoying fan noises on 2018 XPS 15 9570

Dell replaced fans on my 9570 three times and after the last they works noticeably quieter. There are still all those problems with fans acting crazy - running on when the lid closed, or starts/stops every 10 seconds, etc... 

And a new problem with my poor XPS 15 just came up and I was wondering if anyone experience something similar - it is weird sound (sometimes quite loud) coming from somewhere bottom right of the laptop during the dell logo on boot or if you are in BIOS. It's quite loud when plugged in, but more quite when unplugged. I am wondering if it is one of the fan is dies again or something else?

Dell going to send me a technician 5th time to replace a motherboard and fans again, but it is only fix one problem and creates another... 


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