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Issue since March Re: XPS 13 9350 only turns on when charger connected

Hi! I've had similar issues to all users on this thread. I got my dell xps 13 in 2018 ad had no problems initially. In March 2019 my computer stopped charging past 31%. It also will not boot up or function when running if it isn't plugged in. AlI of the lights turn off including the screen. I have restarted it. I want to say it is a charger or battery issue, but I don't want to buy parts when I've had the computer for less than a year. I've always purchased dell laptops because of their wonderful treatment of customers during the warranty phase. My uncle worked for Dell many years ago and my family has used their products since. However, I have been having trouble with this since March and haven't seen anything posted that could help. I'm getting very frustrated. Every diagnostic says the xps 13 is in excellent condition, but its not like I can run a diagnostic when the computer won't turn on. Apple isn't looking so ludicrously expensive for a functioning laptop.






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