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Torg Smith
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RE: XPS13 ubuntu wireless issues.

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-quantal

This worked great for me and fixed the wifi problems, thanks. However, the system will no longer hibernate. Also I have the feeling that power managements is much worse.

I realise that I don't know what the original kernel version was, anybody know how to get back to the linux that it was shipped with?

I would be interested in the steps to restore to factory default as well.

I am running the default installed OS with just Ubuntu updates. I just did a uname –r and got the following: I had just done an Ubuntu update last Thursday.

As far as the hibernation goes, if you are talking about it coming out of hibernation while you have it put away and getting real hot, I have that as well. I have been shutting down every time now. If the wireless is wrapped up, I was planning on making a post about the hibernation.

I believe Dell is trying to get a viable Linux desktop out, as they are pushing updates out in the updater. I am staying with version 12.04 and the default setup as much as possible. The only intrusive thing I have done so far is to disable the key logger. Now I do not consider a prompt change or setting up aliases as intrusive. I have needed to do an apt-get for several development libraries as I prefer platform development. I am using Eclipse with the CDT plugin.

EDIT: I should note that my hibernation issues were from before my updates last Thursday. I do not know the best way to test this. After I do some testing to see if the wireless drops next week, I may just leave it in hibernation next to me and see if it turns on. I think that may have happened the day it turned on when I had it put away.

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