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Dell Linux recovery utility fails to create media

The Dell Linux OS recovery utility on my M3800 developer edition can successfully restore the system to factory state (I used it after messing around with proprietary nVidia drivers partially fubed things LOL), but it cannot create a Dell recovery media .iso image. Every attempt to do so results in a Dell Recovery crash and a .iso file with a file size of 0 bytes and unknown type:

snip@snip:~/Downloads$ ls -l ubuntu-14.04-amd64-dell_A00.iso
-rw-rw-r-- 1 snip.snip 0 Mar 16 21:59 ubuntu-14.04-amd64-dell_A00.iso
snip@snip:~/Downloads$ file ubuntu-14.04-amd64-dell_A00.iso
ubuntu-14.04-amd64-dell_A00.iso: empty


It does generate a bug report when this happens. Do those get sent on from Canonical to anyone on the Sputnik team, or do they go straight to Dell? Any ideas on how I might get it to produce a .iso? I'd like to have an offline copy of the recovery media, not just depend on what's on disk.


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