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RE: Dell XPS 13 9360 - lots of machine check exception-messages

I am seeing quite a few mce events with my new xps13-9360 as well.

1. Lots of "Processor context corrupt"/"Generic CACHE Level-2 Generic Error" messages. I seem to see them at each boot and on resume. I haven't seen any stability issues, however, but this message still makes me nervous.

2. Lots of "Processor 1 heated above trip temperature. Throttling enabled." events. It looks like the processor's thermal throttling kicks somewhere just above 96C, but the fan doesn't actually start spinning up in time to cool the CPU back down to avoid the thermal throttling. Once the fan does kick in, everything seems fine... until I'm idle for a bit and then start real work and it happens all over again.

I updated mcelog to v144 to see if I get any more detail, but I don't see any change.

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