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RE: 9360 Bluetooth Issue


I had a similar issue of Bluetooth disappearing some times after an unsuspend on Debian. After power on, it works, but if I suspend and unsuspend, Bluetooth disappears after a while.

I'm not sure it's exactly what you experience, but it looks exactly like the symptoms of th "Bluetooth Stopped Working" thread, but this one has unfortunately been locked, so I can't seem to answer there.

I also have the

usb 1-3: USB disconnect, device number 2

message in syslog.

It doesn't look like a hardware issue, looks more like a driver/power management problem with the tlp package.

I found that I could workaround this by blacklisting btusb from autosuspend in /etc/default/tlp (on Debian):

# Bluetooth devices are excluded from USB autosuspend:
#   0=do not exclude, 1=exclude.
USB_BLACKLIST_BTUSB=1 # changed to one

It looks like tlp is autosuspending USB Bluetooth when it shouldn't. This avoids that issue. Only issue I have is that sometimes, bluetooth doesn't reappear on unsuspend. Hibernate and unsuspend again fixes it.

Hope this helps anyone with the issue.

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