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Re: XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu full disk encryption

Hi @dell-mario l,

I confirm @RAN_Feld findings regarding Dell Linux Assistant and Dell Recovery applications.

To all users,

Meanwhile, I will add an additional step on the how to proposed:

19 - Perform a CloneZilla image of the entire disk (before any update / new software installation)

Why ?
After having succesfully encrypted the disk, I have updated Ubuntu, installed Firefox, configured the BIOS in Secure Mode and performed a sudo apt-get autoremove command.

Result of these actions : I was no more able to boot (unfortunately, I haven't written down the error message).

So, I have restored the entire disk with CloneZilla tool. It was definitively faster than reinstalling everything (also considering the non QWERTY encryption passphrase issue).

Are you aware of any conflict with full disk encryption feature ?
Have you encountered any issue after encrypting the entire disk ?

Thanks !