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Re: Ask The Expert: Connectrix FOS 7.3 – Fabric Vision Proactive Capabilities

While I am proud that Brocade was first to introduce this but we have to ask ourselves why this took so long and how do we get the rest of the industry to adopt this concept.

I believe it is a problem with inertia.  We never had diagnostics (at least not with optical networking or any networking that I am aware of) so status quo is to continue has we have forever. 

If you took your car to the shop for a problem with the car starting and they told to swap the cable and monitor to see if the problem was fixed you find a new mechanic.

it is great to see EMC Customer Support embrace the new way . Finally we can move from empirical (trial and error) to Proven (tested and verified).  No more swap the SFP, clear the statistics, and check back tomorrow.

It is also worth mentioning that both Emulex and Qlogic are implementing the D_Port on the new 16Gb FC adapters so in time the entire FC ecosystem will have diagnostics for the cable infrastructure ... some day the Ethernet guys will wake up and do the right thing too!