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Re: Ask the Expert: SAP HANA TDI with EMC - Implementation, Rules and Details

Hi All,

This ask the expert session is now open! All questions are welcome.

Just post your question as reply to the main message on this threat, and myself alongside my colleagues moderating this discussion, will come on a regular basis to provide you with responses.

This discussion will be open for 2 weeks as of today, and we'll welcome any questions in relation to SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration, SAP HANA virtualization, and SAP HANA in general.

Be also aware that we will be hosting a high level session on SAP HANA TDI at SAPinsider on the September 17th, and all questions on details will be able to be answered here.

Note that on the moderators team, together with me we have our colleague responsible for all SAP HANA deployment services in VCE so with a welth of implementation experience, and our colleague responsible for EMC's engineering roadmap bringing a unique perspective from solutions engineering.

So, looking forward to answering all questions you may have on this topic.

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