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Re: Ask the Expert: Easy Ways to Streamline Your EMC Online Support & MyService360 Experience

Can someone from EMC talk about the upgrade this past weekend ? 

  1. Called 1800 last night to get status on Sev1 ticket,  CSR has no clue how to access new SR numbers. Insisted that i give him the Oracle SR number. What !?!
  2. SR submitted as Sev1 supposed to page on-call SAM, never happened.
  3. Sev1 submitted last night went into oblivion, don't see it from the "Manage Service Requests" tickets portal. My360 portal is happy to report that i have no open SR.
  4. How do get to see all cases (including call-home) ?
  5. SR notification are not working. Sev1 ticket that was submitted last night never email notification of being opened, technician updates.