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Re: Re: Ask the Expert: Introducing DSSD & Rack-Scale Flash

Thank you for the follow up question about our support for ESRS. I've broken down my answer into the three parts you have asked:

Q1) Does the system integrate with ESRS?

A: Yes. The DSSD D5 includes integration with the EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) network.

Q2) Are you sending telemetry via ESRS to provide performance dashboards?

A. We do send statistics related to our Data Path, not sure that qualifies as a Performance Dashboard. But here is exactly what we currently send as "Telemetry".   Based on the appliance settings, the following information is sent to DSSD on a regular basis:

• Machine hardware and software inventory

• Data path statistics

• Error events and diagnosed faults

• Flash wear on FMs

Q3) How do you plan on servicing "dark sites"?

A. For customers that cannot use DSSD Telemetry or EMC ESRS VE, the appliance offers the option of recording the telemetry reports to a locally attached disk. The disk, in the form of a USB stick, is expected to be left attached continuously to the appliance. As a result, the racks must contain sufficient clearance at the front of the chassis to enable continuous insertion.

I hope this helps to answer your question dynamox.



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