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【Translation】Ask The Expert:What is DSSD ?

This Ask the Expert event originally took place May 9th - 20th, 2016 in the Japanese forum


It took 5 years! We all know this is fast and powerful but what exactly ??? Experts will navigate you to the DSSD world ! Do not miss this chance !

Meet Your Experts:

    Hideto.Mochizuki (hideto.m)

     Systems Engineer, Isl In Ent _ Specialist Isilon

     Isilon Expert is also DSSD expert ! His outstanding SE skill goes beyond Isilon.

     He believes in integration of humanity and latest technology .

      System is build to make people happy, not just showing tech geek!

     Makoto,Miura ( Makoto)

     Sr Systems Engineer, Cor In Ent _Specialist Orcl P

     Well Known for Orcle Expert but that related storage bring him to be expert !

      Love tech stuff! Also love outdoor stuff !

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