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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuk

Like I told you last week ,, DSSD is super fast machine and  very specific use .

We always put some idea about DSSD to customer ... Now it is your turn.

Please advise what you can do with DSSD ! There is always blind spot .

Sometimes best Idea came out from people from other area.

New usage of DSSD D5 Wanted !

Please do not hesitate write your thought !

Let me summarize what DSSD is ...

*Super fast ... Compare with all flash block storage. Super first , no latency

*Unlike internal connection , DSSD can share data between servers quick and easy .

*Multiple protocol can be used  ... driver for Block,API for NAS,Plug in for HDFS

This is the once in a lifetime chance for revolutionize IT ! You can create NEW world with DSSD !

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