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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Cluster Enabler multi-site clustering

Hi KC,

A very good question.

To extend an volume in a SRDF/CE cluster, it is a quite a simple process, and this process is not different if you are running on VMAX or the older DMX.

The process is described in

  1. Open the Cluster Enabler GUI and select the group that contains the device you wish to expand. Choose More Actions > Deconfigure CE Group. This is done to avoid potential issues while the mirrors are being updated.
  2. Execute the RDF deletepair.
  3. Expand both metas (R1 and R2).
  4. Execute the RDF createpair.
  5. Full establish the RDF pair.
  6. Open Cluster Enabler and run the Configure CE wizard. This should successfully convert the group back to an SRDF/CE configuration.
  7. Test failover.

After the above processes, the cluster should pick up the extended device, after which you need to extend the partition and NTFS volume in the host.

If the Windows OS is not picking up the larger space on the devices, the nodes of the cluster might require a reboot.