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Re: Ask the Expert about EMC VSPEX: Building your Private Cloud so that you can focus on your business

Hello Customers, Partners, and Colleagues,

Welcome to the first "Ask The Expert" Campaign (focusing on VSPEX) to take place in EMEA!

Over the past two years VSPEX has stirred much interest in our Partner community and caused a wave of excitement, activities, and has established itself as a cornerstone of many customers' Private Clouds and End-User-Computing (VDI) environments.

Within one and a half years VSPEX has become one of  the leading converged infrastructure / Reference Architecture based solutions for data centers.

We are gearing up to make VSPEX even more relevant by using it as the cornerstone to diverse Hybrid Solutions in which our diverse Cloud Service Provider partners play a large role in helping to make our VAR's and Distribution partners even more relevent in meeting today's needs.

Through the support of our colleagues, Suhela Dighe and Mark Browne, (Thank you both!) this site has been set up where we can ask questions, exchange viewpoints,  answer questions, and review answers of the experts and any one who wants to collaborate.

So, ask away!!

Christian Stein, myself, and others are keen to read your questions and to assist you.