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Re: Ask the Expert about EMC VSPEX: Building your Private Cloud so that you can focus on your business

Hi Sue,

Great question which we always get - in most cases treating VSPEX as a VCE/vBlock competition, which is definitely not the case. We see VSPEX as a supplementary offer for partners forming a Reference Architecture based Converged Infrastructure.

While vBlock is built by VCE using predefined SW for Hypervisor (VMware) and line-cards for compute (Cisco), network (Cisco) and EMC of course as storage, VSPEX is more flexible in tailoring the solution to the partner portfolio and customer needs following the VSPEX RA's which are more generic especially for the compute and network components, and offer choice for the Hypervisor stack and management as well.

So we see from different partners VSPEX solutions containing different server and network brands although Cisco is providing us with VSPEX validated designs (CVD's) for Cisco's UCS server and Nexus switches.

And EMC is helping partners to size a very flexible non-siloed PC/HC stack using the VSPEX Sizing Tool.

Additionally VSPEX can be used for leading the customer to a Private/Hybrid Cloud solution by including existing customer resources to the solution, e.g. customers server and NW resources could be easily included to the VSPEX stack following the resource demands as defined by the VSPEX RA's.

And VSPEX is a partner only program, so any partner can offer his VSPEX solution including his services and support.

In terms of support EMC is offering now a single support line for VSPEX for partners as well as for end-customers operating a VSPEX solution.

Last but not least VSPEX offers a rich eco-system of partner solutions, validated by EMC in the VSPEX lab. So for end-to-end management, VSPEX infrastructure and application extenders you will find a rich choice of solutions for VSPEX.

So under the line, there are many possibilities where a pre-built CI solution like VCE vBlock is a perfect fit - especially for green field installations. But not all customers are ready for this or want more choice. Not having a complementary and flexible additional offer our partners simply could not realise all customer projects and requests.