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1 Nickel

Re: Ask the Expert: Information life cycle management with InfoArchive

Hi Katie

The first thing to understand is that InfoArchive (the solution formally known as EAS..Enterprise Archive Solution) is now a product and the formal GA date is 10th March.

These are the release highlights:

- Synchronous ingestion: What this allows is the archiving of information as and when customer requires (before we archived data in batches which were pushed to InfoArchive according to a fixed schedule i.e. every day or every week.). In addition we can support single record archiving (before information was pushed to InfoArchive in packages that contained many records).

- Very granular management of retention on records: Retention policies are applied to archive packages that are pushed to InfoArchive. This means if a package contains 1000 records, all 1000 records will have the same retention policy. As we can now support very small archive packages, including single record packages, we can also support retention right do to single record retention.

- SharePoint Connector: This connector enables content from SP to archived to InfoArchive

- Documentum Connector:  This connector enables content from DCTM to archived to InfoArchive

- Report & Printstream archiving: Working with our partner Crawford, we can archive report and print stream information. For those who might remember, this gives us similar capability to ASR product.

In addition to this we have made improvements in quality, stability and security of the product.

Finally it is worth noting that we are finalising a partnership with Solix that will allow us to use their data archive engine to archive structured data from business applications to InfoArchive. This will enable us to compete more effectively against companies like IBM and their Optim product.