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Re: Ask the Expert: All about what's new with VMAX in Q2 2013.

Hi Lee

Just to expand on Paul’s answer a bit…Once the customer contacts their account team and decides to participate in the CRU process, an EMC Field Engineer will set a CRU setting on the VMAX. There will also be a training video available to the customer so they can be familiar with the process before they replace their first drive. As Paul stated it’s a fully scripted process that will also generate a printable step by step process along with a diagram of where the replaceable drive is located. The front LED will blink, all of the DAEs will blink, except the DAE with the replaceable drive. In that DAE the replaceable drive will have the amber LED lit while the other good drives will have the green LED lit. Once the drive has been replaced the customer packs up the bad drive in the same box that the new drive shipped in, they put a purple CRU sticker and a Return Way Bill on the box and return the drive to EMC.



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